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An unseen eye for doctors, ultrasound scans are painless and quick, revealing organs, muscles, and more. Especially, in pregnancies and fertility treatments, every scan is a marker of the journey to parenthood. At Srinivasa Hospital, with our specialists and advanced equipments, we offer a wide range of scans and treatments as detailed here. 

All Pregnancy Evans (including Twin Pregnancies) :

Early Pregnancy / Viability Scan


NT NB scan with first-trimester risk score for Downs Syndrome and other Trisomies, Screening by Fetal Medicine Foundation, UK Certified Sonography

Anomaly/ TIFFA Scans

Growth Scans

3D/4D Capable Facility

USG Abdomen and Pelvis

USG KUB (Kidney Ureter Bladder)

USG Thyroid and Neck

USG Breast

USG Chest

Upper Limb Arterial and Venous Doppler (Including Mapping for Dialysis AV Fistula)

Carotid and Neck Vessel Doppler

Liver, Splenoportal and Abdominal Vessel Dopplers

Lower Limb Arterial and Venous Dopplers (Varicose Vein Mapping Doppler available)

Renal Doppler

Trans Rectal Ultrasonography (TRUS) for Prostate Imaging and Seminal Vesicle Volumetry

Transperineal Ultrasound for Perianal Abscess / Fistula Mapping.

Pediatric USG Abdomen Neonatal Neuro Sonography(NSG) Musculoskeletal Ultrasound (Shoulder / Knee / Small parts ultrasound)Ultrasound Guided Needle Biopsy of Breast / FNAC Thyroid, Lymph node FNA / Pigtail Drainage / Ascitic Fluids Tapping / Pleural Tapping / TRUS Biopsy for Prostate.